“Every Flower has a face” was the most remarkable sentence I had ever heard when I first embarked on my floral course.  Since then, my journey to understand the pure essence of flowers has led me to an infinite challenge of flower arrangements.


Having worked more than 10 years in the floral industry, I had the privilege to work as the head designer at the most prestigious flower shop in Vancouver where I gained invaluable experience of working on large-scale events and weddings, as well as every-day-flowers.  My strong passion for flowers encouraged me to travel to England where I obtained the National Certification in Advanced Floristry of United Kingdom.  All the while studying in UK, I had the opportunity to travel around Europe which inclusively laid the foundation for my feminine and elegant style.


Gravitated by the beauty and delicacy of flowers, I have not looked back since my first grip of a rose.  Flowers will always make my heart pound!


Heather Kim

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